Activate BAT Signal

Over 300 million people worldwide are struggling with maintaining a healthy weight. The constant demands of work, family, and friends can make it hard to maintain a balanced weight. How you manage your weight can play a significant role in your overall health & wellness.*

A healthy weight is important to maintaining cardiovascular health, blood glucose levels already in the normal range, and general overall health and fitness.* S-IgniteTM, a clinically researched hops extract with Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA), is known to activate BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue). BAT converts the stored fat in your body into heat energy to boost metabolism and reduce fat naturally.*

Get Rid of Belly Fat

Not all fat is the same. Location matters when it comes to fat. Visceral fat, a type of abdominal fat, surrounds your organs. While it makes up only ten percent of the body’s fat, helping to reduce visceral fat can help promote better overall health. We looked around and weren’t satisfied with today’s solutions. Most of the products focus on limiting calorie intake or appetite suppression. We wanted to get to the root of the matter and help reduce visceral fat as part of a holistic weight management solution including a reduced-calorie diet. 

Our world-class scientists researched for 10+ years to identify unique compounds from hops to make our clinically studied, stimulant-free, one-of-a-kind weight management solution, S-IgniteTM.*

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