S-Ignite: Clinically Researched Fat Loss Support

Hops: Not Just for your Favorite Beer

If you’re familiar with beer you might be familiar with Hops (Humulus lupus L.). Hops have been widely used as raw material for beer for over 1,000 years. Hops help add flavor, aroma and serve as a natural preservative. In addition to contributing to the taste of your favorite drink, Hops are rich in bitter acids such as ɑ- and β-acids, which transform into iso-ɑ-acids during the brewing process. Iso-ɑ-acids have been known to promote a variety of health benefits from fat reduction to brain and mood health.* Unfortunately, iso-ɑ-acids by themselves are so bitter that it makes it impossible to realize their health benefits.

Pioneering Hops Research

KIRIN, a Japanese beer brewery giant and our parent company, decided to put a spotlight on hops and their health benefits. We decided to observe what happens to bitter acids from hops as they’re exposed to oxygen over time. To our surprise, this oxidation process led to the discovery of compounds that we labeled as Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA).1 These compounds have 80% less bitterness compared to iso-ɑ-acids all-the-while providing health benefits. 

Converting Fat into Fuel

Our research didn’t stop there. We conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel-group study on MHBA. The study found that our proprietary MHBA-rich extract can help reduce existing visceral fat stores*.2,3

S-IgniteTM is our one-of-a-kind hops extract, rich in MHBA, and is a clinically tested solution that can help lose belly fat and promote fat metabolism.* With its mild taste and proven safety (self-determined GRAS), it can be taken as a food, beverage, or dietary supplement.

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