Common Questions about S-IgniteTM


  • What is S-Ignite™ hops extract powder?

    S-IgniteTM is a clinically studied Hops extract rich in Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA), compounds discovered by and produced using KIRIN’s innovative maturation technology.

  • What is Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA)?

    MHBA is a group of compounds primarily composed of ɑ-acid oxides derived from ɑ-acids found in matured hops.

  • What are the benefits of S-Ignite™?

    S-IgniteTM is a clinically researched fat burning ingredient that:

    • Helps support weight maintenance*
    • Helps support reduction in visceral fat, while maintaining lean muscle mass*
    • Supports a healthy metabolism*
    • Promotes fat metabolism*
  • How does S-Ignite™ work?

    S-IgniteTM activates what we call BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue). BAT dissipates energy in the form of heat, ultimately leading to fat reduction.

    As we get older, the activity of BAT decreases. S-Ignite™ supports the activation of BAT to support fat loss goals throughout various lifestages.

  • What is the recommended dosage of S-Ignite™ I should look for in a product with weight loss benefits?

    The clinically studied dose is 425mg/day (35 mg as Matured Hop Bitter Acids) of S-IgniteTM.

  • When should I take a product with S-Ignite™ for maximum benefit?

    S-IgniteTM can be taken anytime before/after a meal, morning/evening, or pre/post-workout. 

  • Can I get the same benefits that S-Ignite™ provides from beer?

    We wish. But the short answer is NO. The contents of Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA), the key compounds in S-IgniteTM, vary greatly in beer. Additionally, to be able to get effective levels of MHBA found in S-IgniteTM, you would need to consume a lot of beer. As appealing as that might sound, beer is also high in calories reversing the health benefits of MHBA, found in S-IgniteTM.

  • Can I get the same weight management and thermogenic benefits that S-Ignite™ provides from other hops extracts/supplements?

    The quick answer is NO. The traditional Hops powder extract supplements don’t go through an innovative and optimized maturation process that our extract goes through. Our maturation process makes it possible for our extract, S-IgniteTM, to be rich Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA), essential compounds that have been clinically studied for weight loss benefits.

  • Is S-Ignite™ safe?

    S-IgniteTM is extracted from hops, a natural plant-based source. The safety of S-IgniteTM has been demonstrated in clinical studies where participants ingested more than the recommended dosage. S-IgniteTM is also stimulant-free, vegetarian, non-GMO, and allergen-free.