S-Ignite Fat Loss Studies

S-Ignite is a clinically tested hops extract with 35 mg of Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA). At Kyowa Hakko Bio along with our parent company, KIRIN, we’re the first to study hops and MHBA for its fat loss benefits.*

Science Snapshot


Glutathione as an antioxidant

What are Hops?

Hops, widely used for beer, are rich in ɑ and β-acids, which transform into iso-ɑ-acids. Iso-ɑ-acids, known for their health benefits, are very bitter.

Glutathione: The body's Master antioxidant

What are “Matured Hop Bitter Acids”?

Using a unique maturation process, KIRIN discovered Matured Hops Bitter Acids (MHBA) from Hops. MHBA is 80% less bitter and supports a variety of health benefits.

Low on glutathione?

What is S-Ignite?

S-Ignite is a Hops extract rich in Matured Hop Bitter Acids (MHBA). S-Ignite has been clinically studied to support a decrease in visceral fat and promote fat metabolism.*

Recently published study shows:

Effect of S-Ignite on Visceral Fat

Researchers studied the effects of Matured Hops Extract, S-Ignite, in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel-group study with 200 overweight individuals (male & female) over a twelve-week period. Individuals either took placebo beverage or 350 mL of S-Ignite beverage with 35 mg of Matured Hops Bitter Acids (MHBA).2


S-Ignite safely reduced body fat, particularly the abdominal visceral fat area, when measured with CT scan over a 12 week period.*

Effect of S-Ignite on Body Weight

Researchers studied the effects of Matured Hops Extract, S-Ignite, on secondary endpoints such as body weight, body fat ratio, and the widely utilized BMI index.2


Individuals ingesting S-Ignite beverage with Matured Hops Bitter Acids exhibited positive effects of S-Ignite on reduced body fat ratio and body weight (0.4 kg).*

Relationship of  S-Ignite Supplementation & Exercise

Researchers analyzed a sub-group of the randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study in which 200 healthy overweight Japanese individuals took Matured Hops Extract, S-Ignite, and its combined effect with physical activity.3


Study results concluded that S-Ignite ingestion combined with light intensity exercise (walking) would generate a greater reduction in visceral fat compared to taking S-IgniteTM, Matured Hops Extract, alone.*

The bottom line

Along with exercise and a healthy diet, consider S-Ignite as part of your fat management routine.*

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